Cegeka takes over DAS Solutions in Moldova

Cegeka, a leading provider of IT&C solutions, has entered into a partnership with DAS Solutions from Chisinau, Moldova. We are talking about a so-called ‘asset deal’ in which Cegeka takes over 25 employees and 12 international customer contracts. Neither party will disclose any financial details about the acquisition.

Growth in technological expertise

DAS Solutions builds and develops functional software products for international customers active in various fields, such as finance and insurance, government and e-commerce. “This acquisition strengthens our position in Moldova. Thanks to this collaboration, we are growing our team in Moldova with new colleagues who have qualified technological knowledge”, says Stijn Bijnens, CEO of Cegeka.

Our ambition to grow in Moldova and Romania

In the future, Cegeka will continue to focus on further growth and international expansion in Europe, including in Romania and Moldova. Cegeka wants to become an important player in the local IT market in Moldova. “We would like that, among other achievements, we could enter into partnerships with universities and other IT organisations. It is our ambition to expand the team in Moldova to 200 employees within 3 to 5 years. Over the same period we also want to grow together in Romania and Moldova to a team of 1,000 employees,” says Tom De Vos, Director Cegeka European Delivery Center.

“Through collaboration we can ensure a faster growth within the Cegeka Group. This deal is therefore an important milestone for DAS Solutions and we are very proud of it”, says Elena Zamsa, CEO of DAS Solutions.