Cegeka Romania – Nearshore activities grouped in a new cluster: Cegeka European Delivery Center (CEDC).

2020 has been a year of continuous growth and innovation for Cegeka, a leading provider of IT&C solutions based in Belgium, both at a group and local level. Cegeka Romania ended the year with a turnover of approximately 33.2 million euros, 15.6% higher than in 2019. The company exceeded the threshold of 600 employees locally, being recognized as one of the top 10 IT employers in Romania. Cegeka as a group at a European level has also been growing for the 17th consecutive year, the company closing the 2020 financial year with a consolidated turnover of 640 million euros, up by 14% compared to 2019. 

The largest projects carried out last year by Cegeka Romania were for companies and businesses in the financial, banking, insurance, retail, and logistics industries. Also in 2020, Cegeka Romania completed a successful strategic partnership with NN, the Romanian leader in life insurance and private pension services, for the end-to-end transformation of their customers’ digital experience. 

In the further expansion to serve Cegeka customers in Europe, they are further developing their Nearshore delivery center (in the CEDC). Cegeka will expand to more cities in Romania and Moldova to deploy satellite offices, whilst they keep Bucharest as their central Hub together with the activities in Iasi. The expected growth for the next 2 years will be to hire 75 new people in Moldova, while 200 new colleagues to join our satellites in Romania.

“All the Nearshore activities of Cegeka will be grouped in the Cegeka European Delivery Center (CEDC). The CEDC will support the success of all Business Lines in all countries. I’m sure that this step will be instrumental in taking our organization to the next level.”, declared Tom De Vos, Director at Cegeka European Delivery Center.

About Cegeka Romania 

With over 5,000 employees at the group level in Europe, of which more than 680 are in Romania and Moldova, Cegeka has been present on the Romanian market since 2011. Cegeka is a European provider of IT solutions, including end-to-end application development services, as well as IT team extension, Cloud services, IT infrastructure, data and automation services, such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, RPA, IoT, DevOps. Cegeka helps its customers stay relevant in the digital environment, beyond digitalization and evolution in the cloud, offering solutions that have a real impact on customers’ business. 

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