Cegeka opens its office in Moldova

The European IT solution provider Cegeka opens a new office in Moldova. Five employees already work at the new location in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau. Cegeka intends to increase the number of employees to 200 in the coming years.

“The opening of the new Cegeka Service Center in Moldova will help us further grow our business in Eastern Europe. We see the new office in Chisinau as a local extension of our offices in Romania ”, says Stijn Bijnens, CEO of Cegeka.

“In the coming years we want to recruit 200 people. We are looking for experts in software development, infrastructure management, cloud engineering, DevOps, automation engineering and data science ”, says Tom De Vos, Nearshore Director at Cegeka. “Cegeka is already an important employer in Romania today. We also want to become a popular employer in Moldova ”, says Tom De Vos.

Cegeka has been active in Romania for more than 15 years and has at the moment more than 600 employees. “The opening of a new office in neighboring country Moldova means strengthening our footprint in the region. It also sustains our commitment to further develop Cegeka as a European company which stays close to its customers. The importance of this has grown further during the COVID-19 pandemic ”, explains Bijnens.

“Remote work has increased substantially in recent months due to the corona crisis. As a result, guiding companies remotely as well as from so-called nearshore locations has also become more common. The secure digital workplace that we use internally enables us to continue to offer support to our customers from nearshore locations, ” concludes De Vos.

About Cegeka Romania

Cegeka is an European provider of IT solutions, including end-to-end application development services as well as IT team extension, Cloud services, IT infrastructure, data and automation services like Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, RPA, IoT, DevOps. Cegeka helps its customers stay relevant in the digital environment, beyond digitalization and evolution in the cloud, offering solutions that have a real impact on customers’ business.

Cegeka has over 600 employees in Romania and Moldova, being present on the Romanian market since 2004, covering software development services and IT infrastructure.

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