Bioracer Speedwear

BIORACER is a Belgian company, situated in Tessenderlo, Belgium, producing speed wear. 

  • Their Mission: we make you faster

We innovate, design, manufacture, promote and sell speed wear to cyclists, triathletes, runners and ice skaters, striving to maximize their performance. Winning is a state of mind. With every inch of your gear prepared, your only focus is you.


The speed and performance of an athlete depends on 3 things: biodynamics, aerodynamics and aquadynamics. It is in our DNA to innovate to improve your athletic performance. We design your gear so you can compete at your best. Your greatest competition is yourself.

  • Their Values:
  • Passion//want to make a difference
  • Innovation//set the trend and the standard
  • Service//customer satisfaction is the goal
  • Trust//secure a promise, pay for a product, delivered on time
  • Inclusiveness//it’s about us.
  • Corporate Responsibility:

Nowadays, corporate responsibility is an integral part of a business strategy. After all, it is evident that companies have a responsibility to take care of people and the planet. Their actions have implications at a higher level than just the company. That is why we must move towards building a sustainable future for people and planet together.

The Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen is Bioracer’s standard when it comes to corporate responsibility. Following the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations, BIORACER set up an action plan and listed our sustainability goals.

  • Seen the Covid-19 pandemic in the whole world, Bioracer also contributes to the protection of our healthcare workers, not only in Belgium but also in the countries where they own production companies. Similarly, in its production facility in Romania, part of the capacity will be made available to produce protective equipment such as masks and disposable gowns.

The Bioracer materials that can be ordered:

  • Masks: each mask comes with 25 filters. And there are as well:
  • self-made packages (to stich): 0,75 euro/pcs (+VAT 21%, 25 filters included)
  • ready to use masks: 3,25 euro/pcs (+VAT 21%, 25 filters included)
  • Coveralls:
  • with zip: 7 euro/pcs + VAT 21%
  • coveralls with tape: 6,25 euro/pcs + VAT 21%
  • Disposable gowns: 3,80 euro/pcs + VAT 21%

Transport to Racetex, Beius is included in these prices.

Transport from Racetex, Beius, to your partner has to be paid.

Contact in Belgium at Bioracer: Robby Cox,

Contact in Romania at Racetex: Ioana Bologan,