BEROCC launches Eventbank

BEROCC launches EventBank

The last months were extremely hard times for many of us. The crisis did not end yet and the next period will not be easy either. 

How to cope with a hopefully short recession? 

BEROCC anticipated by organizing webinars from the beginning for our members to give insights and direction.  The feedback that most of you sent us shows that this initiative was useful to you, so we will continue this good practice.

 The strategy of BEROCC following the General Assembly in September 2019, was to intensify the digitalization of our Chamber as a response to the millennials entering the marketplace. This generation is used to communicate through digitals networks. They are the future of the economy and our Chamber recognizes that face to face meetings are to be complemented with virtual meetings. However, face to face meetings are still important as physical contact is a part of creating confidence. BEROCC will organize again events, like our successful Power Lunches, but with a hybrid approach. Members will be able to join through a webinar to such event.  This innovation will make it also possible for members that are geographically remotely located to join. 

As president of BEROCC I want to implement a Chamber of Commerce 2.0. It means that a Chamber of Commerce needs to transcend from a traditional association to a 21st century association. Combining the traditional way of creating added value to our members and using the technology to keep on board the millennials we embrace this new hybrid way of working where useful. The vision became in the meantime a reality. 

In 2019 we created our new public website, Our new website makes it possible that external companies can look for partners via the category of activities.

Did you check the profile of your company? Let our Executive Director Alain Schodts know if you have updates on the profile of your company. (

 All of you were invited in 2019 and 2020 to join CONNECTS, which gives a great exposure of your company towards almost 23.000 companies of 40 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.  This match-making platform creates opportunities, either when you are looking for partners or looking for suppliers.

In case you haven’t logged in yet ( or you do not remember how to do so, please let Alain know. BEROCC offers this digital service for free as we believe that digitalization is important for all of you!

 The Board of BEROCC recognized that our communication with you can be improved and therefore we spent a lot of energy to create a CRM on EventBank. EventBank will make communication with you more efficient and enrolling in events quite easy, including automatic reminders. Furthermore, we will automate our membership fee collection through this App. Today this is done manually. The time we will save is for the benefit of all of you. This email is sent using EventBank.  To get access to other functionalities register yourself with the email address used to receive this message and choose a password in  The same email address and password is needed when you have installed the EventBank App for iOS or Android.  Let Alain know if you encounter a problem.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in person or in a webinar!

Koen Vanvinckenroye                                                                 Alain Schodts

President                                                                                          Executive Director