In the context of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the legislation on the hiring of Ukrainian citizens and they right to stay in the Romanian territory has been ammended.

In line with the measures enacted by the other EU member states, which rallied to provide temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees entering their territories, by namely ensuring immediate access to labour market, the GEO no. 20/2022 entered into force on March 8, 2022. By this normative act, Romanian employers are allowed to hire, without a work permit, Ukrainian citizens having lawfully entered the Romanian territory and who do not seek protection under the Law no. 122/2006 on the asylum in Romania. Furthermore, Ukrainian refugees’ right to stay shall be extended without a long stay visa being required.

Due to unprecedented relaxing of the labor law requirements for Ukrainians fleeing the war, they can be hired under only three conditions:

  1. Having legally entered Romania with : (i) a biometric passport or; (ii) a simple passport + short stay visa for maximum 90 days ;
  2. Producing proof of professional training / experience, if unable to produce such proof, a sworn statement will suffice ;
  3. Not having a criminal record which would make them incompatible with the job.

Ukrainian citizens, who are unable to produce proof of their professional training / experience, may be hired for 12-month period, extension of 6-month to 1 year is possible, based on the sworn statement (the template of the statement is provided for by the Order of the Labour Ministry no. 301/2022.

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