WIN Herastrau


Our concept revolves around expressing luxury through harmony. Throughout all our activities – from team formation, to project decision-making and client relationship management – we sought harmony, always discovering new aspects of it.

WIN Herastrau is a “maturity project” – both at the professional as well as aspirational level.


Beyond merely being composed of refined living spaces, WIN Herastrau aims at achieving harmony at all levels:

VISUAL HARMONY – generated by choice of shapes and colour palettes as well as the arrangement of areas which result in a seamless integration within the community, nature and neighbouring buildings,

VOLUME HARMONY – ensured through seamless apartment design, uninterrupted by pillars and broad windowed areas allowing plenty of natural light,

SERVICE HARMONY – obtained through a wide array of on-site facilities, including fitness centres, a children’s playground, beauty salons, laundry services, common meeting areas, and a mini-market.


PSC Group is founded in 1997, composed of professionals who cover a wide range of disciplines, including construction, architectural design – structural resistance – installations, project management, financing and judicial consulting.

The broad spectrum of our abilities allows us to optimally approach the details of developing real estate projects with a high level of complexity. Together, we ensure excellence, offering clients comfort, sustainability, safety and an “always fashionable” design. As such, our aim is guided by these priorities, expressing luxury through harmony.

PSC Group represents continuity, being composed of two generations of developers, united through the vision of developing refined buildings and raising the quality of life in the community, whether we are creating it or integrating into one. We wish for our work not simply to be a house, but rather a home.

For complementary aspects, we have cultivated partnerships with local and international companies that share our ethics and objectives. Talent, experience, perseverance, and passion play an essential role in our activity.

The collegiality and respect that PSC Group is built on extend to our customers. We are always paying attention to suggestions and using it to evolve our work.

The principles that lie at the foundation of our company, together with the expertise gathered in over three decades allows us to complete a wide range of projects. We invite you to explore a number of these from our portfolio, available here:

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