Human Resources


mihai rizan

managing partner


WHO WE ARE? We are a group of companies; the first company being established in 2007. We are a team with 100% Romanian capital, with 100% Romanian products. We are “made in Romania”. We are an extremely dynamic team. We are career consultants, curious, dedicated in what we do, friends, fascinated by people, passionate, experienced trainers, with a sense of humor, dads and moms (some of us), sociable, information eaters, with many qualities, but also flawed, sometimes stubborn, optimistic, ready for change, meticulous, communicative, cheerful, leaders, developers, innovators … I mean we are different … We are a different team, which does things differently to get different results. That’s why we want different clients who want different results. Concrete, measurable, effective results.


• since 2007 – sales consulting services;

• since 2010 – training and organizational development services;

• since 2012 – personal development courses for adults and children;

• since 2014 – recruitment services;

• since 2017 – staff leasing services.


The first smart recruitment platform was developed within the group.

The FIVEKEEP project was created to optimize the recruitment process and to provide the security of correct results for both candidates and employers.