Valenta Consulting RO2

Valenta is an international IT Consulting and technology solutions implementation company, with a presence in 17 countries and territories worldwide. 

Our mission is to help small and midsize companies increase their operational efficiency and profits through digital transformation and deployment of state of the art digital business solutions from our technology partners. 

Our large team of international consultants comes with extensive experience in process optimization, business process automation, managed data analytics as well as cybersecurity, and has worked with clients coming from diverse industries, from manufacturing and construction to real estate, energy sector, medical, consumer goods or telecoms and professional services.

We help companies find those parts of their business which can benefit most from integrating digital tools and processes, allowing them to better mange their people, resources, customers and data, to achieve both their growth ambitions as well as increased profitability. We work with clients to find the simplest cost-effective solutions and integrate them with their existing tech stack. Thus, they get more value out of their already installed infrastructure and position it to deliver better results and increase effectiveness. As a bonus, this approach decreases their training time and ensures smooth adoption of the new tools within their organization.