Sterado Group

Sterado Group is a company whose mission is to provide ecological solutions for plant protection and crop nutrition. From the very beginning, we have shown an innovative approach by accepting the challenge of promoting new technologies and products for Romania. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of products for seed treatment, plant protection (fungicides) and nutrition (bio and conventional fertilizers), offering a complete cultivation technology in accordance with the latest trends in agriculture. Our team has the expertise of agronomists with many years of experience, who offer optimal solutions with an individual approach to specific needs. At Sterado Grup we believe that “we do not inherit the land from our grandparents, but we borrow it from our children” that’s why we work hard to promote healthy and balanced farming practices as well as sustainable agriculture. We cultivate prosperity and increase the volume of production, both qualitatively and quantitatively, using high-tech microbial preparations, biostimulants and soil improvers.
Sustainable agriculture is seen as a closed system where the goal is to increase soil fertility, plant, animal and human health as they are interconnected. In this sense, Sterado Grup also offers top agricultural machinery for all types of agricultural operations related to natural soil cultivation and without the use of herbicides.
Our team strives for constant improvement, searches and implements concepts that lead to innovation, market orientation and high economic results. We are happy to be your partners on the way to ecological, economically efficient and promising agriculture!


We want to bring health and well-being to people by providing effective solutions to improve agriculture.
We serve farmers with our high-quality products, providing innovative solutions that ensure a healthy food ecosystem for everyone. 
Through the selection of each product and each supplier, we strive to achieve the highest quality and the highest levels of sustainability and social responsibility locally and nationally.

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