Soudal Romania

The Soudal Group is the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams for professional and private users. This Belgian family business, based in Turnhout and founded by Vic Swerts in 1966, has developed into an international player and expert in chemical construction specialities.

The group has 23 production branches on 5 continents, sales offices in 45 different countries and employs around 3,654 people worldwide. A long-term vision for innovation – with substantial investment in R&D – and adaptations to local market requirements have resulted in the success of the Soudal Group.Soudal places first column of the factory of the futureSoudal annual report 2020Soudal acquires silicone manufacturing plant from Momentive Performance Materials


The research in and development of new products, product technologies and production methods is in our genes. A team of highly qualified researchers, engineers and technicians is continuously working on the development of new products and applications adapted to the specific requirements of customers in various countries. This has resulted in a number of pioneering innovative products, which have helped to strengthen the market position of Soudal. Innovation is, therefore, the driver for organic growth at the Soudal Group.

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