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Solvay Bucharest SRL

The first presence of the Solvay Group in Romania dates from 1894 and it currently has 10 employees in its office in Bucharest.

Solvay develops high added-value, innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions, tailored to the demands of its end customers for the following markets: Aeronautic & automotive, Agro food, Building & construction, Consumer goods & healthcare, Electrical & electronics, Energy & environment, Industrial applications.

About Solvay

As an international chemical group, SOLVAY assists industries in finding and implementing ever more responsible and value-creating solutions. Solvay generates 90% of its net sales in activities where it is among the world’s top three players. It serves many markets, varying from energy and the environment to automotive and aeronautics or electricity and electronics, with one goal: to raise the performance of its clients and improve society’s quality of life. The group is headquartered in Brussels, employs about 29,400 people in 56 countries and generated 9.9 billion euros in net sales in 2013. Solvay SA (SOLB.BE) is listed on EURONEXT Brussels and EURONEXT Paris (Bloomberg: SOLB:BB – Reuters: SOLB.BR).

Markets and Products

Our strategy is to focus our activities on those markets to which we bring value, by developing for our customers innovative and competitive solutions that are tailored to the present and future demands of their final consumers.

Consumer Goods & Healthcare
Through its diverse offering, Solvay seeks to improve the performance and ease of use of products employed every day. Its solutions based on specialty surfactants, its polymers and its fluorinated fluids contribute to the effectiveness of detergents and hygiene products. Its polymers, polyamide and intelligent fibers are used by the textile industry to create high-performance clothing. The range of cellulose acetates serves the cigarette filters market. For health professionals, the Group develops a wide range of products including specialty polymers for biocompatible medical implants, synthesis intermediates and sodium bicarbonate for effervescent tablets.

Automotive & Aeronautics
Solvay offers the automotive market polyamides, specialty polymers and composites that improve performance and contribute significantly to lighter vehicles. Fluorinated electrolytes and lithium salts improve the efficiency of batteries. Solvay’s solutions enable automakers to meet constantly rising global standards such as rare earth oxides for catalysis and silicas for the tire labeling. On the aeronautics market, the chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance properties of Solvay advanced solutions contribute to the performance and safety of airplanes.

Agro, Feed & Food
Solvay products and solutions respond to the needs of players right along the food chain. Upstream, its guar derivatives, its fluorinated compounds and its solvents protect crops and improve their productivity, while respecting the environment. Downstream, its range of vanillins contributes to healthier diets, for example by contributing to reducing fats and sugars in processed foods. Sodium bicarbonate promotes a balanced diet and preserves animal health. Finally, cellulose acetate is used to produce environmentally responsible food packaging.

Energy & Environment
Solvay supports energy markets in their quest for improved performance and lower costs. Guar or surfactants provide solutions for oil and gas extraction. PVDF films improve the performance and durability of solar panels, while lithium salts increase battery performance. Solvay processes and solutions are used to produce energy from biomass. Solvay offers its industrial customers its expertise in energy optimization. Elsewhere, Solvay proposes solutions for reducing air, water and soil pollution.

Building & Construction
Solvay products make it possible to design buildings that are at once more sustainable, healthier to live in and consume less energy. Its solutions are used in the production of flat glass and double or triple glazing window structures to stringent environmental requirements. Fluorinated products permit the production of high quality insulating foams. Biodegradable solvents are used in paints and “green” coatings. Finally, fluoropolymers and engineering plastics increase the fire resistance of electrical components and cabling.

Electrical & Electronics
Solvay specialty polymers opens new horizons in terms of design, safety and performance to its industrial customers, who take part in the forward march of tablets and smartphones, of OLED technology, of rigid and flexible displays, computer processors and memories and of semi-conductors based on rare earths. For the electrical connectors industry, Solvay develops specific products and fluorinated polyamides with circuit breaker and flame-retardant properties. It also offers eco-responsible solutions including the recycling of rare earths and bio-based polyamides.

Industrial applications
Solvay provides industries with agents and intermediaries to meet their challenges of competitiveness and environmental performance.


We believe that better chemical solutions need not come at the expense of the environment and have to respect people’s lives.
We strive to offer employees a safe and secure working environment that encourages professional development, and maintain a regular dialogue with them in an atmosphere of trust. This exchange is particularly important as they are the key players in our responsible performance.
Our products, such as solutions keeping clothes clean, water pure, home heating solutions that reduce energy consumption or low energy road lighting, are designed to contribute to quality of life and meet stakeholders’ expectations regarding sustainable development. As a supplier to thousands of industries, we continually look at ways to further reduce our impact on the environment, asking chemistry to do more with less.
Because we commit to progress towards our stakeholders, in 2013 we launched Solvay Way, our sustainable development policy that provides a framework to guide and measure our success at meeting our objectives.