Safety & Health Consulting SRL

Safety & Health Consulting was founded in 2006, has a team of 6 members with trainings for specialisation made in Romania and UK , and can provide the following services:

  • Human resources: payroll, Revisal, communication / represent companies in relation with labour inspection;
  • Health and Safety at Work;
  • Occupational health risk assesors (international risk assesors – IOSH; Romanian legislation);
  • Physical security risk assessor;
  • Fire Protection;
  • Civil Protection;
  • ISCIR – lifting / under pressure equipment (forklifts, cranes, central heating, LPG stations, Hospital equipment, etc;
  • Environment: permits, recyclable / dangerous waste management, reports, environment found;
  • Dangerous goods (storage / transport, chemical spillages intervention);
  • SEVESO III low / high risk;
  • USE / SELL OF PRODUCTS: T+, T, Xi, Xn;


  • Authorization ISCIR – RSVTI, RSL IP, RSL IR;
  • Authorization from the Ministry of Labour for safety protection;
  • Saviors coordination license – issued by INSEMEX Petrosani;


  • Three cars for transport of employees and equipments;
  • Three video-projector;
  • Laptops, A3, A4 printers, hot/cold paper laminator;
  • Five autonomous Draeger breathing apparatus;
  • 3 gas detectors with four sensors each (LEL, O2, NO2, H2S, CO)
  • 2 Draeger resuscitation equipment;
  • Fire simulator for classes A, B, C of fire;
  • Air compressors for refilling cylinders;

Safety & Health Consulting is member of Romanian Health and Safety Association (trainers, for emergency situation classes); affiliated to: IIRSM – UK; Fire Protection Association – UK

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