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Family fruit growing company and your total partner
BEL’EXPORT is a fruit growing company based in Borgloon, ‘the pearl of the Haspengouw’ in Belgium, that has been renowned for its high-quality products and service for four generations. As an innovative company, we’re your partner for every aspect of the production process and commercialization of fruit and vegetables.

Quality is the priority
You can count on our years of experience and expertise. We focus on innovative techniques and technologies and attach great importance to quality. We guarantee you the best service for the cultivation, harvesting, sorting, storage, packaging and transportation of high-quality and flavoursome fruit and vegetable varieties.

Fruit growing company with a rich history
BEL’EXPORT was founded in March 1994. Our company is part of the Derwael fruit growing company, established by Henri Derwael in 1922. Fruit cultivation was secondary to cattle breeding at the time. Tall trees were planted to provide shade for the cows. But the landowners had no interest in the fruit produced by these trees and put it up for sale every year. The person who offered the most was allowed to come and pick the fruit to store it in silos and sell it. This was a commercial activity that Henri Derwael specialised in, which formed the foundation for the Derwael fruit growing company.