Noname Child

Saint Faustina
Educational center for hospitalized children in Children hospital Marie S. Curie and Children rehabilitation Center Nicolae Robanescu – Bucharest

“Saint Faustina” Educational Center’s aim is to be a place of education, hope and relief for sick children through  alternative educational programs and other informal education activities it provides for children and youngsters or  who remain in the hospital or rehabilitation center on a medium and long term.

St Faustina develops programs for education of the hospitalized children. This alternative educational program works towards promoting and protecting the children’s right to education, non discrimination of persons with handicaps, protection and support for underprivileged children and children with special needs, for he purpose of increasing their educational and social integration.

St Faustina aims to:

  • Provide acces to education for all hospitalized children
  • Prevent school abandon
  • Prepare children and youngsters for their return in the public-school system after the period of hospitalization
  • Raise awareness among parents and medical staff about the importance of education, also by adapting the educational process according to the special needs or disabilities of these children
  • Guiding children, youngsters and their parents for he future choice of a certain education of professional background, considering each child’s capacities and skills.
  • Psychological and social support for parents and children

The main activities:

  • Teaching, evaluation and skills developing activities, according tot he general school curricula for normal and also special needs’ children.
    Teaching and evaluation activities are developed for primary school level, for secondary and high school level: Language, English, French, German, Mathematics Physics, Chemistry, Religion.
    The organisation and development of school activities varies between group and individual activities.
  • Extra-curricular activities both in the center and in the hospital: creative workshops, IT and computer classes, parties, games, music therapy…

Sf. Faustina is supported by the Belgian Association ‘NoNameChild’ (NONA)

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