Martens Brewery

Martens SA Galati brewery

The brewery in Galati was founded in 1978. From the very beginning, we put consumers first in the production of our beer. For two decades, the factory operated as a producer with fully Romanian capital, reaching a strong regional presence.

In 1998 Martens Brouwerij took over the majority stake in our factory. The history of Martens Brouwerij begins in 1758, in Bocholt, Belgium. More than 250 years have passed since then and the tradition has been passed down over eight generations. All this time, their values ​​have remained unchanged: they have transformed the art of fermenting simple and natural ingredients into the art of giving people the opportunity to share a moment of joy together.

We had the joy of finding our Belgian partners with the same dedication to perfecting the art of brewing, the same desire to bring a touch of joy to the table of the people who represent us. Together and after considerable efforts, we believe that we have managed to bring to Romania at least part of the Belgian tradition of brewing.

We are currently with consumers together with our retail partners with whom we have developed competitive and fair products at an affordable price. At the same time, we are obliged to share part of the Belgian heritage in the art of brewing.

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