Lecluyse is European market leader and global player in the field of vertical synthetic blinds.  Since 1958 we manufacture synthetic blinds in our very own ultra-modern and green extrusion plant.

Since 2021 we can proudly say that we have entered the field of horizontal wooden blinds as well, for which we look forward to establish an equally strong reputation.

The name LECLUYSE stands for 100% quality, personal contact, product innovations and corporate social responsibility.


In 1958 brothers Gérard, Jacques and Raphaël Lecluyse stood by the cradle of the company Lecluyse. They started off with a production line for vertical vinyl blinds. From the very beginning they resolutely opted for quality and became market leader in the exacting world of window coverings in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Netherlands, France and Germany caught on quickly.

With the arrival of Caroline and Dominiek Lecluyse in 1990, the second generation had now joined the company. With a clear international vision they explored new export markets and with success. In 2010 Lecluyse already sold vertical vinyl blinds in more than 30 countries.

In February 2016 Jonathan Lecluyse took over the wheel as the first of the third generation. With Jonathan continuity is ensured. Lecluyse will continue to develop its world fame in vinyl blinds together with its 35 enthusiastic co-workers.

Currently Lecluyse is selling in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia


  • 100% Quality: At Lecluyse, quality takes pride of place throughout every single step of the production process. All synthetic blinds are properly tested. This is the only way we know how to remain fully in control of the final quality. Independent international organisations have accredited us with necessary positive test results.
  • Personal contact: At Lecluyse customer experience is a key issue:
    • One contact person for clear communication
    • Short delivery lead times
    • Ready-made products
    • Product samples
    • After sales service
  • Product innovations: Our in-house R&D department thrives on finding new ways to improve our products, coming up with surprising innovations or searching new interior trends. A nice example of this is our vinyl blind with integrated antibacterial protection
  • Corporate social responsibility: Our concern for the natural world means we want to do even more for a clean environment. The conclusion was simple: the used plastic slats had to be converted into new plastic slats based on the cradle-to-cradle-concept. Discarded slats are processed to form a granulate. This recycled granulate is mixed with new production material and brand-new slats are produced. An independent research institute has confirmed the quality of these slats are just as good in all respects. In 2017 we started collecting vinyl waste in the market with the purpose to recycle the waste and give it new life as vinyl packaging for our vinyl blinds. 
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