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La Lorraine SRL

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a 100% Belgian family enterprise, active in the European Bakery and Milling industry. La Lorraine Bakery Group employs more than 2.800 workers and reached a turnover of €568 million in 2014.

  • Over the past 15 years, the group realized a 10% annual growth, operating from 10 production units – 3 of which in Central Europe.
  • A new facility will be build in Turkey in 2015-2016.
  • La Lorraine exports to more than 25 countries, a large part of which via own sales branches.
  • The company consists of 4 business units: Fresh Bakery, Frozen Bakery, Bakery Store Concepts & Milling.


Bakery Fresh
La Lorraine Bakery Group is Belgium’s market leader in the fresh bread and patisserie segment. Every day, more than 1.500 supermarkets are supplied ‘just-intime’ through 5 regional fresh-bakeries.

Bakery Frozen
La Lorraine Bakery Group has positioned itself as one of the market leaders in frozen bake-off products in Europe (top 5). Since the beginning of the nineties, LLBG was pioneer in Central Europe, which now already represents one-third of its turnover.
Frozen bake-off products (e.g. bread, viennoiserie, etc…) can be baked at every moment of the day in order to get ultra fresh baked products in supermarkets, small bakeries or catering- and horeca business. This way La Lorraine Bakery Group managed to offer freshness, good quality and more product variation to the Western & Eastern European consumer against affordable prices.

Bakery Store Concepts
Panos is the group’s best-known brand and has turned into the market leader for prepared sandwiches in Belgium. Panos operates already more than 250 outlets in Belgium and has recently started its international expansion in Central Europe.

Brabomills is one of the biggest flour producers in Belgium, specialized in the milling of wheat and rye. This modern industrial mill lays the focus on supplying tailor-made flour and meal products with an eye to constant quality and flexibility.

Mission and values

La Lorraine Bakery Group was able to integrate vertically into an exciting segment of the food industry. The group has a strong ambition to continue investing in its international expansion in the ‘greater’ Europe. Its trump cards are:

  • long-term vision of growth,
  • no-nonsense culture,
  • a tradition of entrepreneurship and
  • a dynamic innovation policy.

The group also strengthened itself professionally with its international team, showing a market-feeling and passion with its products and customers.
The company’s motto therefore is: A PASSION TO SHARE !

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