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Leading logistics service provider H.ESSERS, a family business established in 1928, is active throughout Europe, providing personalized and integrated logistics solutions. It currently has 850.000 sqm of warehouse space, a fleet of 1.100 vehicles and 2.500 trailers, which covers 88 million kilometers per year. Next to its headquarters in Genk, H.ESSERS has branches in 12 countries in Western and Eastern Europe.
H.ESSERS is an asset-based company: it owns its warehouses, fleet and IT systems. This allows optimal control over all strategic processes while the company`s family character ensures short decision-making processes enabling a highly flexible response to changing customer requirements and shifting situations on the international market. Furthermore, we invest in and for our clients to offer them the best tailor-made solutions.
With nearly 100 years` experience, 3.000 well-trained workers and extensive know-how, H.ESSERS is the best choice for all your specific logistics solutions. Your complete supply chain will be optimized and looked after cost-effectively and with due care for both human safety and environmental protection.

Over the years, H.ESSERS has gained a great deal of experience and know-how in logistical services.
Every warehouse meets the most stringent legal and market specific standards, and most of our warehouses are compliant to store SEVESO, pharmaceuticals, health care, chemicals and high-value goods.
H.ESSERS provides a comprehensive range of value-added services, including packaging, (sterilized) repackaging, assembling,active kitting, cutting, food reconditioning and sorting. These services can be performed at any of the group`s numerous national and international warehouses – in other words, close to your market.
Thanks to a high-tech scanning system, consignments and stocks are managed effectively at all times. The same IT system enables the use of ultramodern techniques like voicepicking and zone-picking, ensuring light ningfast throughput times and accurate consign ment loading.
What`s more, all transactions are monitored 24/7 and can be adjusted in real time.
H.ESSERS’ high-tech approach also means that we can provide every service on a 100% tailor-made basis. The most complex logistical processes can be programmed in an instant and executed flawlessly.
In combination with our transport activities, H.ESSERS is the one-stop-shopping partner of choice to take care of your entire supply chain.

H.ESSERS has been active in transportation for nearly a century. Today, its fleet has more than 1.100 trucks and more than 2.500 trailers equipped with state-of-the-art satellitecontrolled track and trace technology. This enables all processes and the complete supply chain to be fully monitored throughout Europe. Furthermore, all our trucks are ADR- and Euro 5 compliant.
Via our dedicated business units, we can guarantee that your transport needs whether for pharmaceuticals, high-value goods, air freight or chemicals – will be handled with expertise. We offer intermodal solutions between road, rail and sea both for your LTL and FTL shipments.
In addition, H.ESSERS is a pre-eminent groupage specialist, and has also built up a strong reputation in cross-docking operations over the years.
Thanks to an extensive international network of partners, System Alliance Europe, H.ESSERS can provide tailor-made solutions from door to door. However complex your distribution is, an extensive network of hubs will ensure that everything gets there-however, wherever and whenever you want.

 has an IT infrastructure without equal in the sector. Our ultramodern Warehouse and Transport Management Systems are tailor-made and in-house developed, which makes them fully compatible and easy to integrate. The systems are internally managed and continuously improved by a team of 60 highlyskilled in-house IT specialists. The result is an impeccable, maximal secured and 100% personalized service.
Moreover, we develop tailormade IT solutions for our customers and their logistical processes. Out IT systems can be integrated quickly and flexibly into your existing IT infrastructure. On top, they can be adapted to any logistical process however complex, increasing your productivity and efficiency considerably.
H.ESSERS systems: custommade telematics for an optimal supply chain and flawless service provision.