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GPG Call Center & BPO Solutions is specialized in offshore outsourcing and provides a wide range of multilingual Call Center, BPO and KPO solutions.

GPG has been providing outsourcing services to small and large companies across the globe (Orange, Premier Energy, Renault and many more) for 15+ years now.

As a nearshoring BPO company for most European countries, GPG is a great solution for businesses looking for an outsourcing partner. Over the years GPG has proven itself to be a reliable Call Center and BPO service provider with excellent level of quality and with a wide range of service possibilities in 10+ languages.

We have branches in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Philippines as well as London.

Language Capabilities Overview

We have more than 100 multilingual employees already working with us, covering 10+ European languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Romanian,
Portuguese. Per Clients’ request we may also cover such languages as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish,
Hebrew, etc.

Our local talent market pool gives us continuous possibility to hire new, multilingual personnel,
with a solid Call Center experience. Most of them speak more than 2 foreign languages, besides
native ones, widely spoken on the local level. English is usually the most popular language studied
as the primary foreign language, usually coming in a combination with French, German and

Moreover, our population is mostly bilingual, covering several FSU territory languages:
Romanian – Russian, Russian – Ukrainian, Romanian/Russian-Bulgarian, Russian – Hebrew,
Russian – Turkish, etc.

Per our clients’ request we can hire highly qualified profiles with studies and working experience
in diverse industries, such as E-Commerce, Mass Media, Finances, Banking, Accounting,
Engineering, IT, etc.

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