SC GPG Consulting SRL is the leading Eastern European outsourcing company that operates since
2007, having a single owner throughout the whole company’s history.
GPG Consulting is a Limited Liability Company, SRL prefix being the equivalent to LLC term on
the local level.
Currently we deliver Call Center, BPO solutions and Media Monitoring services for more than 20
Clients, having strong, long-lasting business relationships established with the major Clients.


Our employees operate in 3 facilities arranged to bring cost-effective and high-quality solutions.
The first facility used is the core of the company, represented by the Head Office, concentrating
most of the multilingual employees working on diverse Call Center and BPO projects.
Our major Client on the national market, Premier Energy, have offered its on-site facility for the
GPG Consulting Customer Support team assigned to its projects. Currently we have 1 dedicated
team working in that facility.

Language capibilities overview

We have more than 100 multilingual employees already working with us, covering more than 7
European languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Romanian,
Portuguese. Per Clients’ request we may also cover such languages as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish,
Hebrew, etc.

Our local talent market pool gives us continuous possibility to hire new, multilingual personnel,
with a solid Call Center experience. Most of them speak more than 2 foreign languages, besides
native ones, widely spoken on the local level. English is usually the most popular language studied
as the primary foreign language, usually coming in a combination with French, German and
Spanish. Moreover, our population is mostly bilingual, covering several FSU territory languages:
Romanian – Russian, Russian – Ukrainian, Romanian/Russian-Bulgarian, Russian – Hebrew,
Russian – Turkish, etc.
Opening new facilities in different location will give us an even possibility to cover an even wider
range of languages required to hold the process under the same tag.
Per our Clients’ request we can hire highly qualified profiles with studies and working experience
in diverse industries, such as E-Commerce, Mass Media, Finances, Banking, Accounting,
Engineering, IT, etc.

More information :

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