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Roxana Vesca


GAC Innovation East Europe

GAC GROUP is an international consulting company specialized in Innovation / Research and Development (R&D) process management and financial engineering, created in France. We are generating annually more than € 800 million in savings and grants for our 2,000 clients, all over the world.

GAC Innovation East Europe is a subsidiary of GAC Group, dedicated to Eastern Europe, having Romania as main hub, a country recognized for its business and academic capacities for innovation. Nowadays, we are the only one consulting company in Romania able to make the connexion between science, taxation and finance stakes, thanks to our international expertise in:

  • Innovation / R&D processes management and design, from the launch of an idea to its realization in the form of a profitable and scalable product or service;
  • Financial engineering of Innovation / R&D Projects (Private equity, European funds, state grants, tax incentives …).

Our values and cultural organization require to our employees the highest level of expertise: engineers with international experiences, accustomed to work within a multidisciplinary framework, including PhD in various scientific fields. We provide technical know-how deeply rooted in each industrial sector by creating a link between technical, tax and financial engineering. With over 20 years of experience in tax deductions for R&D and Innovation, established and capitalized on the French market, we have successfully adapted our methods to the specificities of the legislative frameworks of each of the countries where we operate.

GAC Innovation East Europe has an unique technical expertise and methodology to implement the Romanian tax incentives dedicated to the Innovation / Research and Development Projects, according the Romanian laws and regulations, which consists in an additional profit tax deduction up to 50% of the eligible expenses. We are going straight to the point by:

  • transmitting our knowledge and avoiding the inefficient time consuming;
  • translating the technical language of the engineers and researchers involved in Innovation / R&D projects into an administrative and financial language, necessary for the application of tax deductions defined in the Romanian legislation.