FUSE Architecture

FUSE Architecture started in 2017. We created FUSE Architecture & Interior Design as a means of upgrading urban lifestyle through architecture, planning, landscaping and interior design. We teamed up with experienced architect and urbanist Jan Demeyere and then focused on a large number of projects all over Romania, as a part of our strategy.

Whether we’re talking about residential, retail, office or mixed-use, we always stand for projects that keep functionality at their core. Thus, we enclose smart solutions in elegant aesthetics so that our final products are spaces that inspire, challenge, engage and excite.   

We see each new project as an opportunity to rethink urban lifestyle. So we make our works uplift life quality and simplify cohabitation: a happier community is our aim, on point creativity in architecture and design is our game. 

Through our team of experienced architects and specialists, we lead the way in creating projects based on high functionality and accessible solutions. Coherence, flexibility and user comfort are always our weapons of choice, while durability is our purpose.

As part of the Speedwell family, we have a joint vision: the best architecture and design are the ones that withstand time and keep on solving the needs of their end-users on a daily basis. Our projects feature the same belief, with cohesive and robust solutions.

Vibrant, livable and sustainable communities are also our concern, hence Transit Oriented Development (TOD) stands at the core of our work: end-users get everything they need within a 15 minute radius. Residential, retail, office, relaxation and fun at hand, all due to a balanced concept that generates a more comfortable lifestyle.

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