Eureka SRL


Designing and developing your mechanical constructions, technical parts and machines is our profession; our engineers translate your ideas or provide you with our ideas and convert them into feasible products. Our team also supports your engineering department if you are only looking for extra capacity or to convert your 3D designs into 2D workshop drawings.


From single piece to large series, from small composition to larger projects; a team of trained and driven technicians is ready to deliver customized work. The work ethic in Moldova allows us to respond very flexibly to your specific needs and to keep delivery times short. We have experience in all branches and are happy to use it to find the best solution for you and to achieve your set targets together.


Our water jet machine cuts all your materials up to 150 mm thickness with the highest precision. Under a working pressure of 4,000 bar, we effortlessly cut all your applications in all steel alloys, aluminum, plastics, wood, rubber, glass and stone. Enjoy all the benefits that our water cutting process has to offer, including burr-free and flawless cuts, no heat input that generates hard cutting edges and structural changes and the absence of discoloration and distortion on your materials. Send us your plans and sketches or directly your DXF and IGES files and discover our possibilities.


Be inspired by our passion for design, aesthetics and materials.
Do you opt for discreet luxury or timeless elegance, do you prefer a concept that accentuates your basic elements or rather a more exclusive eye-catcher
Let our offer guide you or opt for a personalized approach, we also do custom made.

Container Units

Eureka D’Sign develops your container unit exactly according to your wishes and budget. Our designers translate your needs and ideas into visualizations and production-ready drawings that also allow you to make adjustments during the design process, until you have exactly what fits, practical and aesthetic.Is the inspiration missing ? Then we like to listen and we get to work ourselves, providing solutions is part of our DNA.