Electroalfa Group

Business profile:

  • Production of Electrical Equipment for Low and Medium Voltage, E-house, Steel Fabricated Parts
  • Solution integrator in the energy field
  • Engineering Services, industrial automation
  • EPC Contractor Projects

Electroalfa Group Key facts

  • A powerful brand with 30 years of experience
  • 3 Business Units: Electrical Equipment, Steel Fabricated Parts, EPC Contractor §A management system based on the Kaizen philosophy- continuous improvement §A dedicated and passionate team of over 500 people
  • Headquarter and four modern factories in Romania, City Botosani
  • Research and Development Center §Design offices in Botosani, Iasi, Bucharest, Alexandria and Chisinau (Republic of Moldova)
  • Present on national and oversees markets (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, South America)
  • 42 million EURO turnover in 2020


Electroalfa is a powerful brand, especially due to the relationships with the partners, developed by a dedicated team who is always in search of improvement, a model of harmony between people and technology.


Electroalfa will continuously improve its performance in quality and delivery, never ceasing to invest in the development of people and its own system of continuous self-improvement.


Excellence. Dedication. Self-Improvement. Harmony.

Management System

The Electroalfa Management System (AMIC) is based on Kaizen principles and is implemented at the level of the entire group. This system supports development and improvement at a strategic and operational level and is based on:

Continuously improved performance, quality and delivery of Electroalfa products and services

Harmonious and constant development of people and the perpetuation of a strong team spirit

Efficient management of the permanent improvement of production flows

EPC Contractor Business Unit

The contracting activity carried out by means of the EPC Contractor Projects ensures the use of Electroalfa electrical products into complex, turnkey works, which involve both the design and actual execution of the investment.

Electroalfa’s contractor works portfolio entails:

Power supply solutions, electrical distribution and transformer substations for the national power grid or belonging to private companies

Electrical and automation projects for residential, commercial and industrial sites

Electrical installations projects for infrastructure – transport, telecommunications, public utilities (pumping stations, for potable, industrial and irrigation water) and environment protection

Technical consultancy, prefeasibility studies, electrical, mechanical and automation engineering

Renewable Energy

Electroalfa provide the photovoltaic power plants’ investors and contractors an extensive product portfolio: mounting system for solar panels, step up transformer with low losses, distribution cabinets, junction boxes, as well as services: designing the mounting systems, parks’ electrical design, operating and maintenance.

Electroalfa completed a photovoltaic park located in the Rediu Forest area of the Botosani Municipality, which has a rated installed power of 3.5 MW and will supply 4.500MWh annually to the National Power Grid. The park covers an area of 85,000 square meters with 12,168 photovoltaic panels.

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