ECONOS is an advisory firm specialised in non-financial reporting, based in Bucharest, Romania.

ECONOS offers a full package for ESG reporting with specialised services such as Carbon Footprint Assessments, LCA’s, EU Taxonomy Reports, CBAM Reports, as well as ESG workshops allowing companies to measure and communicate on the sustainable impact of their activities.

The ECONOS team is made of experts in legislative framework, public policies, but also environmental engineering. In the framework of the CSRD bringing a strong focus on the Environmental segment of the ESG, ECONOS is often the first choice over other consulting firms thanks to our scientific expertise.

ECONOS supports +200 clients across the EU (France, Italy, Netherlands) with a strong focus on Romania. With extensive experience in auditable reports, the company supports clients in +12 sectors of activity in their sustainable journey.

As companies are facing difficulties in assessing and comparing their emissions due to lack of local data, ECONOS, in collaboration with public and private authorities, is developing the first Romanian carbon footprint database.

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Together, let’s commit business to ecology!