About us

coffeeRoots Cantata is an award-winning, vertically integrated hot beverages group carrying the world’s broadest range of premium coffee and tea products. The group develops value-added private label assortments for partners in over 30 countries with inhouse manufacturing. The group is also active in retail with the world’s largest and most exclusive assortment in premium coffee and tea, covering 350 experience stores in six countries. 

Within coffeeRoots Cantata, the coffee roasting expertise of the group goes back to a modest family business established in 1907 in Antwerp, Belgium. For more than a century, the focus has been on roasting artisanal coffees. This traditional method ensures that the coffee beans fully develop their complex aromatic profile.  

Today, coffeeRoots is the R&D and manufacturing heart of the coffeeRoots Cantata group. The coffee is still being roasted according to traditional methods and recipes, even though the company also expanded into new product lines beyond coffee, including teas, nutritional products, hot chocolates and other beverages.

Over the past 15 years, headed by second-generation entrepreneur Chantal Hoorens and chairman Camille Willems, the company has rapidly developed from a local family business into an international innovation hub for hot beverages. A cornerstone of this rapid expansion has been a mix of entrepreneurial courage, continuous innovation and a desire to ‘wow‘ the end consumer, a mindset that drives the entire group today.