Real Estate



Our job: Building the future is an art.

We have been passionately doing our job as property developers for more than 50 years.
Our key areas of development are offices and commercial property.

Codic has expanded its know-how throughout Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Hungary and Spain. Almost 1.2 million m² have been developed in the past fifteen years.

In line with our strategy to create value, we offer our experience and performance to towns and cities, tenants and investors, who have placed their trust in us over the years.

We combine our values of loyalty with our assets, with a constant focus on quality, a forward-thinking approach, performance and cost control at all levels.

Every one of our projects is characterized by the excellence of its location, the quality of the program, a strong architectural identity, the use of high-level technologies, a commitment to sustainable development for all our buildings and carefully planned landscaping.

Our everyday commitment, our convictions and our ability to adapt have always allowed us to move forward. With this ‘Codic spirit’ we are building the future !

History: 50 years of Passion

  • 1970 : Codic founded
  • 1985 : British group Dixons becomes an equity partner
  • 1989 : Codic sets up an office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • 1990 : Opening of an office in Lille and first projects in France
  • 1992 : Codic Holding Company founded
  • 1998 : Opening of the Paris office
  • 2002 : CODIC’s management team organises the takeover of the company by three investors quoted on Euronext and becomes an equity partner
  • 2006 : Implementation of projects in Hungary
  • 2007 : Implementation of projects in Spain and Romania
  • 2014 : Shareholders’ restructuring between two companies: EUROPE Invest and EMABE Invest.
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