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CMC GRUP Broker de Asigurare SRL

Independent insurance broker, authorized since 1999 by the Insurance Supervisory Commission to perform specific activities in Romania.
We pay attention to the details of the exposure that the activity of the client involve, we are innovative in designing insurance programs, exacting in negotiating with the insurers, and, as our clients come first, we like to exceed their expectations.
We will manage the insurance program on a daily basis by providing operating answers, based on our desire that, in the end, the client will not perceive us as an separate entity, but an extension of the organizational chart toward an effective department, specialized, involved, which has expertise.
The work undertaken has experienced an upward trend. We have diversified the services offered to our partners, as well as increasing their quality. The development of the company’s activity is represented in the evolution of the main indicators: the annual volume of mediated premiums and the annual collected commissions.

The main characteristic of the services we offer is consultancy. Based on the discussions we have with the clients and the information they provide, we understand their activity and conceive an insurance program to match best their protection needs.
An insurance program consists of several insurance lines/types of policies or it may be a single policy which contains all insurance lines agreed with the client to provide the insurance protection desired or needed.
The advantages of an insurance program are:

  • It has a single insurance period;
  • It is negotiated globally with the insurers agreed by the client – the insurance lines that are damaging for the insurer may be compensated by the other components of the insurance program, resulting a lower claims ratio;
  • It leads to obtaining the best offer – in most of the cases the negotiation takes place directly in the headquarters of the insurers;
  • It allows for a better planning of the payments of premiums;
  • It allows for obtaining better results during the renewal negotiations;
    Our services can be classified into two categories:

I. General services

  • Negotiation of insurance offers, presentation of a comparative analysis and optimal solutions recommendations;
  • Management of the insurance program during the validity period;
  • Assistance and consultancy in case of damage;
  • Analysis of the efficiency of the insurance program, preparation and proposal of renewal solutions before the policy expires;

Characteristics: you can benefit of these services based on the broker warrant and they do not involve extra costs of insurance, commissions added to the premiums presented in the offers or other similar fees.

II. Additional services
a) Insurance audit

  • Analysis of activities, risk identification;
  • Analysis of current insurance solutions and recommendations for improvement;
  • Design of insurance programs according to the needs of every partner;
  • Analysis of existing products on the market in the client’s area of interest and presenting them;

b) Representation in case of damage
Effective representation in opening, tracking and liquidating the claim files at the insurance companies, by appointing a specialized person who, based on the mandate given by the client, will draw up the documents and will make arrangements to liquidate the damages.

Characteristics: you can benefit of these services based on the broker warrant and the service agreement, involving costs according to the contract.

I. Analysis and identification of risks
The experience we have allows us to correctly analyze the risk exposure in the activity of our clients.
Practically, we will analyze the inflows and outflows, the technological processes, the personnel, identifying the risks that may cause damages and affect the business continuity.
There are two solutions for managing these risks:

  • Transfer to an insurance company through the insurance program (for the insurable risks)
  • Internal management through preventive measures (for the uninsurable risks)

II. Proposal/negotiation of the insurance program
The insurance program is the solution proposed after identifying the risks in the previous phase.
The negotiation is conducted with insurance companies with good reputation and mutually agreed with the client.
Currently we are able to provide the insurance solutions of our partners:


The comparative insurance offer will be presented for consideration and placement decision.

III. Management of the insurance portfolio

  • Gathering necessary information required by the insurers in order to negotiate the offers;
  • Preparing the insurance policies and additional documents, according to the client’s decision;
  • Notice of the premium installments
  • Preparing analyzes and situations, be it on demand or at the time of the policy renewal, as the client wishes;

IV. Assistance in case of the insured events

  • Communication of the procedure to be followed in case of damage and contact persons at the insurance companies;
  • Damage observation at the indicated location, in case the client is not able to go to the insurer;
  • Assistance for correct completion of the claim file;
  • Assistance for correct settlement of the claim file;
  • Support in negotiations, if it is required;
  • Proposal of measures to limit damages and risk exposure in the future;

The services can be expanded, on demand, for policies that are not concluded through us or in relation to other insurance companies (this is not possible if you work directly with an insurance company or with an agent).

V. Advantages and costs

  • You will benefit of the services of a specialist who will act as your representative, and not the representative of the insurance company;
  • Ensuring confidentiality of information;
  • There are no additional costs related to the unfolding of the insurance policies, the commission for the policy management being already included in the premium;
  • We ensure you access to solutions designed to correspond your punctual needs;
  • You save time to properly solve every problem related to insurance (negotiation of offers, policy issuing, going to the insurance companies, discussions related to damage).

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