Best of Transylvania

Best of Transylvania: Exclusive, Natural, and Authentic Romanian Charcuterie for Benelux
Experience the unique and delicious flavors of charcuterie from the legendary Land of Dracula with Best of Transylvania. We offer exclusive, natural, and authentic Romanian charcuterie products for the Benelux region.

Our Story
Our family-owned business has inherited valuable and authentic Romanian charcuterie recipes that have been passed down for four generations. Over the past decade, we have invested in standardization and quality control, conducting extensive research and testing, and diversifying our product range. These efforts have allowed us to become a well-known, appreciated, and established local producer of artisanal charcuterie.

Our Mission
Best of Transylvania is committed to building the shortest possible chain from Farm to Fork based on a sustainable food system that has a neutral environmental impact. We believe that this business model can preserve the affordability of food while generating fairer economic returns. Furthermore, we have a deep respect for the quality of nutrition, public health, and the many benefits of farm animal welfare.

Let’s Get in Touch!
We are excited to offer a diverse range of natural and authentic Romanian charcuterie products that meet European standards to our selected clients. If you are interested in trying out our products, feel free to send us an email or give us a call

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