Balto Advisory & Acquisitions

We’re fully flexible in what, how, where and why we acquire and operate companies.

Balto was formed in 2020 with the goal of buying Romanian small & medium businesses (SMBs), taking an active day-to-day management role, and operating them for the long term with no intention of selling. We do not have a 3-5 year fixed investment horizon.

We do not manage more than 3 companies at any one time, to allow necessary time for day-to-day support for the team.

Balto invests with both its own funds and outside funds raised from external investors on a case-by-case basis. Importantly, this structure allows us to be fully flexible in what, how, where and why we acquire and operate companies.

We are current and former owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, and we want to continue backing entrepreneurs by getting involved, investing, and continuing to grow Romanian businesses for the long term.

So, what do we believe in?

One word: “Legacy“.

We believe that we are stewards of our companies’ legacy for the next generation, and therefore we have a responsibility to
foster communication, best practices, and knowledge exchange in our companies, for them to become the best version of themselves.


How might we become a team?

We are not limited by typical investment constraints; we simply seek to position and build companies for enduring success. 

We aim to leverage defensible strengths such as superior market position, dedicated customers, and technology to support sustainable and profitable growth over the long term.

We are flexible in evaluating opportunities, although we generally seek controlling interests in:

  • Romanian companies
  • with stable and profitable revenues of 1M to 10M EUR
  • with ownership departing
  • where we think that Balto can effectively continue and grow the existing legacy.

We avoid investing in cyclical industries as well as those driven by commodity prices and other exogenous factors.  We do not invest in early-stage tech/IT companies, start-ups, or turnaround

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