AVE Romania

AVE Romania is an organization founded in 2017 by businesspeople who believe in the power of education to shape a better tomorrow.

We believe that the biggest responsibility of our generation is to bring the educational system from Romania in Europe’s top 10 by 2035 because:

AVE Romania supports systemic projects that have efficiency and impact, inside or along the formal education system. We are working to modernize the education public sector in Romania’s most diverse communities, from kindergarten to 12th grade, focusing on closing education gaps and ensuring equitable access to education for all children, regardless of socio – economic background

Since 2019 AVE is the co-founder and coordinator of Edu Networks, the first integrated intervention platform, where 9 key education NGOs work together, at least 4 years in the same 100 schools, with the support of the Business Community. 

Together with our partners, we are uniting efforts and resources to transform these diverse schools – some of which very vulnerable, into flagship schools, so that all children will have a chance to realize their potential. 

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