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Atracore SRL

Born half Belgian-half French, but raised Romanian, Atracore was launched in 2012 in Cluj-Napoca. The 3 founder-businessmen saw high potential in this particular Romanian city due to its renown through Europe for engineering and outsourcing of IT services.
The host-city offered the perfect context for the company to start placing itself in the field of IT, where it rapidly grew by delivering quality services and complementary expertise.
Our start-up combines innovation and dynamism, applying it in the diverse areas where it operates: pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, food and banking. We have managed to cover part of the European markets (to be more precise, specifically the Romanian, Belgian and French ones) as well as the North-American ones, where we deliver high quality services.

The fact that Atracore relies on more than 20 collaborators and our specialized teams managed to merge youth with expertise, brought the company to the encounter with a highly competitive market. The focus on a specific line of action was needed, therefore Atracore trusts on delivering 3 types of solutions:

Training Factory
Content Management System (e-Learning design), Webinars, Learning Management System (Moodle, User management)

Business Bundle
Business process outsourcing BPO, Recruitment process outsourcing RPO, Project Management, Translation services, Education and development

Data Computing
QA & Validation, Data management, Statistics, Software development, IT services

Due to its professional services and their quality delivery, the company has rapidly reached a number of highly regarded clients from the Pharmaceutical field. We are proud to provide services to notable companies as: ADECCO, XPE Pharma & Sciences, BIOFORMATION, Marine Harvest, ADIUTUM, La Lorraine or d!NK. Furthermore, Atracore is following a continuous ascension-process in its field of expertise, with the primer scope of having a constant growth in order to reach new clients.
The future perspectives of the company plan to furtherly improve the present services, as well as to strategically develop a new training platform along with a call-center, both dedicated to IT support. In addition, Atracore intends to reach the previously set milestone of supplying strong scientific profiles adequate to new quality demands within relevant present industries.

Along with the future plans of the company, stands one present project that has also been launched under the full ward, support and sponsorship of Atracore.
The project is called Go4EcoMobility and proposes a new approach on the contemporary bicycle, by offering its users not only high comfort and protection, but also longer distance autonomy and proposes to resolve the frequently perceived inconveniences of the classical bicycle.
The innovation brought by the concept of Go4Ecomobility, stands by the following main elements which give the old bicycle a whole new perspective:

  • electrical assistance allowing faster connection, longer distances, possibility to transport additional weight (passenger, goods, luggage)
  • improved comfort and safety of passenger / driver, decreased weight of the vehicle, protection of the passenger from bad weather
  • entirely new and innovative concept of an electric vehicle, powered by batteries which can be recharged through solar panels
  • removable battery allows easy transport and charging

To sum up, the main objective of Go4EcoMobility is to create an innovative green vehicle which offers its user maximum comfort, protection, longer distance autonomy and safety. The regenerated bicycle, is designed to be used as an eco-friendly means of transport, by investing a minimum amount of money.
The Go4EcoMobility vehicle not only is the green solution for transport, but also the solution for social innovation regarding the resolving a small percent of the unemployment issue. The project goes through different phases (one of which is the participation to The Sun Trip competition editions 2013, 2015) and after the prototype, additional personnel is needed for the line of production, thus offering new jobs on the market.
By these previous challenges, Go4EcoMobility aims to gain knowledge and experience to produce, test and launch a new, affordable and environment-friendly product that will encourage the physical activity.

The solar-vehicle proposed by Atracore’s project called Go4EcoMobility, has to go through 2 stages of prototyping, of which one has already ended and has been tested during the competition SUNTRIP 2015.
The competition is a solar bicycle race that connects the Universal Exhibition from Milan (Italy) to the International location of the Exhibition from 2016 – Antalya (Turkey), with a return to Milan. The Sun Trip had an official start on the 6th of June 2015 and has presented a vast pool of high technologies throughout the 8000 km of roads and trails, in a very friendly, yet competitive manner.

The Go4EcoMobility team has consisted in 3 people representing 3 different generations: Antoine Jonckheere, Laurent Dalou and Henri Jonckheere, the founders of the concept by which the team was named.
Go4EcoMobility has managed to finish the SUNTRIP 2015 race with excellent results, reaching the finish line on the 5th place, and have also managed to demonstrate the quality the first prototype of their echo-friendly bike.

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