The company has been in operation for more than 35 years doing quality products and being an one stop shopping for its clients starting from engineering up to the finished product. We cover the entire spectrum of plastics components.

Arplama is specialized in the development and production of lightweight products with high mechanical properties, by using composite materials.

Arplama basically processes fiber reinforced plastics, in general glass fiber reinforced polyester parts, but also other materials, such as carbon, flax fibers, aramid fibers.

Depending on the final product requirements, we can choose out of a large range of materials.

The combination between higher mechanical properties and low investment cost in designing lightweight product makes composite materials indispensable in today’s design.

Composite materials allow us to build our products with focus on their functionality. The flexibility in designing, the mechanical and lightweight properties make our products indispensable in the contemporary design range.

Markets Technology Services
Marine Hand lay up Engineering
Automotive Spray up Design
Industry RTM 3D scanning
Leisure RTM Light FEA calculations
Agriculture Infusion CNC milling
Various LCM Assembly