Akindra Talents Romania

Akindra Talents is a Romania based IT Workforce company focussing on connecting local knowledge and (freelance) IT talent to the world. At Akindra Talents we connect talents, build remote teams and support freelancers during their journey.

Akindra Talents is a proud member of the Belgian Brainbridge workforce group.
Who is Akindra Talents Romania?

Based in Cluj-Napoca (in the heart of Transylvania), Akindra Talents focuses on the secondment of local IT talent to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Besides secondment, Akindra Talents helps organizations to build and manage remote support or development teams. The Romanian-Belgian management facilitates a one stop solution and builds a bridge between the “Akindra talents” and international clients.

How did it start?

In 2022 the Belgian workforce group Brainbridge, starts building bridges between Belgium and Romania by bringing new IT talent to the Belgian market with Akindra Talents Romania.

“One of the biggest challenges in the fast-growing Belgian IT market is the shortage of talent. Thanks to the accelerated rise of remote work, we can easily attract top IT talent from everywhere in Europe”.

The founders of Akindra Talents Romania and Brainbridge speaking

David Kesteloot (founder Akindra Talents) moved abroad 10 years ago to further specialize in Project and Program Management for global brands like SONY, Microsoft and Vodafone. “In 2015, I came into contact with Romania for the first time, after which an immediate connection with the country and its people developed. Romania (and other Eastern European countries) are sometimes misunderstood as countries for nearshoring (read: cheap labour), while the thriving and ever-growing pool of IT talent is overlooked.”

Peter Wens (CEO of Brainbridge) agrees: “We’ve been convinced for a while that we needed to move in that direction, but also realized the need for local presence. David – no stranger in the IT consultancy world – has years of experience in building and managing projects and teams in different countries, including Romania. The combination of the knowledge and expertise of both parties created Akindra Talents Romania. “A natural progression of the growth and expansion of what David has been doing in recent years, complemented by the knowledge and expertise of the Brainbridge team”.

Who is Brainbridge?

Brainbridge has specialized in the secondment of IT, technical and nursing staff since its establishment in 1998. In addition, Brainbridge offers solutions for the management of external staff in the form of contract management, brokering and managed services. From its head office in Antwerp, it serves clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In recent years, Brainbridge has experienced strong growth through diversification and market development. The partnership with Akindra Talents is the latest milestone in this continuous growth.

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