TECH FORWARD : Shaping the Future of Mobility and Smart City Tech in Eastern Europe

Looking for an event in May that showcases the latest and greatest in mobility and smart city technology in  Romania (Brasov)? Look no further than Tech Forward! This must-attend event brings together top experts and cutting-edge projects that are shaping the future of the tech industry.

Join us for keynote sessions featuring Hans Similon, who will introduce CityMesh’s groundbreaking Drone-in-a-Box technology, and Malgorzata Gniech , a TEDx speaker and AI Ambassador at TDSYNNEX, who will explore how humans can still outsmart AI.

But that’s not all – the second part of our agenda features a series of start-up showcases that are changing the game in the tech industry. You’ll hear from innovators like E-save, providing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings; Kinderpedia, a communication and management platform designed specifically for child care centres; Synaptiq, offering AI-based software to optimize cancer treatment through radiotherapy; Gekka Biochar, producing a sustainable bio-fertilizer that can replace chemical fertilizers and sequester carbon in the soil; and Metaligica, developing innovative building materials and systems for sustainable construction.

And what event would be complete without a networking opportunity? Our event wraps up with a buffet where you can connect with other attendees and explore potential partnerships. Don’t miss out on this unique and must-see event!

We connect, develop & invest for the smart city of the future in BRASOV

Tech Forward is the ultimate event for anyone interested in shaping the future of Mobility and Smart City Tech in Eastern Europe. By bringing together governments, start-ups, and businesses, we’re creating a platform for collaboration and innovation that will lead to the best possible future for our cities.

At Tech Forward, we firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for driving positive change. However, to tackle the most complex problems through entrepreneurship, we need to tap into the underused potential of problem-solving from diverse communities. That’s why we’ve created the Impact Shakers ecosystem, which aims to facilitate a systemic shift, level the playing field, and change the narrative surrounding entrepreneurship.

We accomplish this by working closely with entrepreneurs and investors on the complete lifecycle of impact businesses. From generating awareness for new ideas to validating and scaling businesses, all the way to successful exits, we’re there every step of the way to provide support and guidance.

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