Positive Business

Whether we look towards the new consumer or the regulations of international institutions, it is obvious that the pressure on companies to embrace a sustainable approach is very high. In the context of the current pandemic, political and even military climate and economic difficulties, the discussion about responsibility can no longer be avoided by anyone. It’s time for the world of business to shift the focus from one-off actions, with short-term benefits, which are rather meant to fix things. It’s time for companies to adopt a long-term unitary strategy regarding their real impact. It is not an easy mission, but it’s the only solution, and those who’ll be the first to leave the starting line will certainly have much to gain in the long run. 

We are discussing about responsibility and sustainability on the 13th of December, 2022, at POSITIVE BUSINESS, a hybrid event that will take place „in person” at Hotel Radisson Blu in Bucharest and virtual, on MyConnector platform.

Register here: https://business-mark.ro/event/positive-business-2022/