Meet the Mayor 2020 – Cluj-Napoca

The Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce together with the cluj international is hosting Meet The Mayor 2020.
It is since 2015 we hold this event, growing every year in the number of participants. Last year it proved itself to be a blast: in 2019, over 300 business people from all the countries met and discussed directly with the Mayor Emil Boc, who answered their questions and came up with new projects.
The number of participants can be limited at some point if considered necessary for ensuring best technical conditions for the meeting. For this reason please use this registration form:

You can also propose questions for the Mayor. The format of the meeting will include a moderator who will address a part of your questions (depending on the overall time) to the Mayor after including them in one of the main theme subjects. Of course, other “on the spot” questions & follow-up discussions on every subject will be encouraged.