How to improve work performance by focusing on well-being
Marshal Garden Hotel

Power Lunch : 12:30-14:00

8 APRIL 2024 – Marshal Garden Hotel, Bucharest

WELLNESS is an indicator of health, viewed from the four dimensions in which we function as human beings: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To truly feel WELL-BEING, means to be healthy, happy and truly satisfied on all levels, having increased self-esteem, satisfaction in life and a harmonious social involvement, in accordance with one’s own values.

Both in normal conditions, but especially in tense times, a STRATEGY is needed to learn to enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE every day.

We will learn to build this strategy in our work with the aim of IMPROVING PERFORMANCE, INCREASING RESILIENCE and COMBATING STRESS or PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT.
We will use techniques and tools from:

  • MINDFULNESS that combines the latest scientific discoveries in the field of neuroscience with ancient teachings from oriental practice
  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY is based on the scientific study of human flourishing and an applied approach to optimal functioning, based on the study of strengths and values that allow individuals to thrive.

One of the most beautiful definitions of MINDFULNESS is given by its father, JON KABAT-ZINN, saying that Mindfulness is the easiest way to fall in love with your life!

• What does well-being mean to you?
• What do you do to achieve and maintain a state of well-being as much as possible?

If you want to learn about how to CULTIVATE WELLBEING in your life and deepen the processes and research behind this science, we invite you to the Power Lunch – WELLBEING AT THE OFFICE, where we will address the four dimensions, with a little theory and a lot of practice, in the form of breathing exercises, meditation and other personal development tools.

Members – FREE Access, but require registration

Non-Members – 150 lei/participation