DOR Classical Music Concert
Royal Conservatory

We invite you to attend the fourth DOR Classical Music Concert, which will take place on 29 October at 7pm at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.

We propose you a musical evening with an archaic flavour, a DOR dressed in traditional clothes, a harmonious combination of traditional singing and classical music, through the mastery of the guest artists: Lorena Oltean, an extraordinary voice from the traditional area, the violinist Ștefan Șimonca-Oprița, an extremely talented young man who plays in the Les Dissonances orchestra, Andrei Marta, a pianist in relentless pursuit of artistic perfection, Remus Azoiței, the special guest, a violinist who will delight us with his fabulous technique and the sensitivity of his interpretation.

In the program, Romanian compositions by G. Enescu, N. Kirculescu, I. Scarlatescu, C. Dimitrescu, V.. Filip, but also by B. Bartok, György Ligeti, Mozart, Beethoven, Wieniawski. The artists will be accompanied by 33 musicians orchestra. One of the surprises we have prepared is “Musical Moment”, a composition by N. Kirculescu: Event page:

Tickets: 30 eur (standard) or 20 eur ( ≤ 12 years old). Reservations at: With heartfelt thanks, we look forward to talking about Romania through music, in the heart of Europe!