Coaching Leadership: The Propeller Method for building Coaching Culture

Webinar – 28 October 2021

As a leader you need to find and nurture the talent in your team while keeping your focus on achieving business results. 

  • How do you keep your team members engaged and motivated?
  • How do you reconcile the human behind the job role with the business needs?
  • How do you time-balance management meetings with unplanned meetings and 1-on-1s? 

These are just a couple of challenges leaders face today. To be the full-fledged leader you must know how to balance 3 roles and be:

  • A clear manager
  • An inspiring leader
  • An attentive coach

When you achieve this, you can empower you team, increase performance, achieve business results and employee satisfaction. 

Curious about how you can do that? In this interactive workshop Coaching Leadership: The Propeller Method® for building Coaching Culture you will learn more about what it means to be a coaching leader and how to strengthen coaching culture in your organization. 

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What to expect from this webinar?

  • Presentation of the coaching approach and the Propeller Method® for Leadership
  • Guided self-assessment: awareness into who you are as a leader
  • Practice coaching 
  • Reflections and open discussion 

About the Speaker

Speaker: Maria Dofeldt (CEO, PCC, trainer, mentor coach), CoachCompanion Romania SRL

Born in Sweden and relocated to Romania 6 years ago, Maria Dofeldt is CEO and Professional Certified Coach and founder of CoachCompanion Romania with more than 20 years of experience as a leadership trainer. She is passionate to help people and organizations reach new levels of awareness and to support professional coaches on their path to become the best coaches or leaders they can be. 

2018 she took the opportunity to start CoachCompanion Romania. In Sweden CoachCompanion is one of the oldest coach training institutes, founded 2005. At CC Romania Maria trains leaders to use the coaching approach as part of their leadership skills and develop the coaching culture in the organization. CoachCompanion delivers ACTP trainings, approved by International Coaching Federation and customized trainings to companies in leadership, team development and personal development with experiential learning and the coaching approach.