BEROCC-Priaevents Healthcare Conference Online

Watch LIVE _PRIA Healthcare Conference online_ June 9th 2020, starting with 11,30

Priaevents and Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce are organizing this important healthcare event with current topics of interest to the Romanian health system on June 9th, 2020, online, starting with 11.30.

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We will discuss about the Romanian health system, about the list of medicines and their price, about the specifications and when they will be ready, about the situation of the Romanian hospitals, about the pandemic concerns, about the CNAS attributions and systems and how it’s budget and how is allocated to the different types of diseases, about the situation of the medical staff, about the private health clinics, the health insurances.

Topics will also include the waiting time of patients for access innovative medicines, patients’ rights and the level of information among patients, as well as the general state of health of the population.

There was also talk about the disappearance of different medicines, the compensation of medical devices, the introduction of new innovative drugs on our market and the situation of medicine distributors and pharmaceutical chains


  • What are the priorities of the Ministry of Health, ANMDM and CNAS to solve the biggest problems of the system? The situation of state hospitals in Romania. What procedures can be performed here? But abroad?
  • What measure do we still need to take to overcome the pandemic crisis?
  • The CNAS budget and how it is allocated to the types of diseases
  • The situation of state and private medical staff in Romania
  • How can the level of equipment of state hospitals be increased?
  • Distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical chains.
  • The evolution of the pharma market and the prospects for 2020 and above. Innovative medicines. Generic medicines
  • The prices of medicines for human use Disappearance of certain drugs on the Romanian market and restriction of patients’ right to treatment minority categories of patients – rare diseases and their access to medicines
  • The role of private health clinics. What kind of centers are opening?
  • Health system and health insurance
  • What could be the impact of the development of private health insurance?
  • What legislative and fiscal policies can be implemented to improve the health system?
  • What is the role of lawyers and consultants?
  • What is the role of technology in the evolution of health systems?
  • How does technology influence medical procedures? What about treatments? Can technology improve prevention?


  • Dr. Diana PAUN – Presidential Counselor – Department of Public Health
  • Dr. Carmen ORBAN – Manager, Monza Hospital
  • Calin BUZAN – Chief Growth Officer, Telios Care SA
  • Dr. Cristina VLADU – Health Policy Officer for ADR-Vlaanderen (Belgium)
  • Mariuca IVAN – General Manager, White-Yellow Cross Romania
  • Catalina COSTACHE – Director Executiv, Polisano Foundation

Please see below the RSVP contact and please let us know if you are interested to watch the event., there is also a Q&A session where you can ask question on Microsoft Teams platform of the event.

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