B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation in the New Reality

B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation in the New Reality is all about customer centricity and virtual tactics. It will be about how do you create great experiences for your customers offline and online, how do you solve problems for them versus purely market to them / sell to them, how do you understand what they need and provide the right information, the right products, right services to them when they need it via the channels they want.

This is not only about technical fixes or workarounds. Instead, a strong, trust-based relationship with customers may be the key to a sustainable, effective strategy.

Companies that can get this new people-centric approach and virtual relationship right—and that have the people, processes, and technology to implement it effectively—may be able to develop a significant, long-term source of competitive advantage.

Event Speaker:

Ramona Tufaru: Lead Generation & Social Selling

Her specialties are: Hyper-Personalization Outreach || B2B LinkedIn Prospecting & Lead Generation || How To Power Up Your Sales Pipeline with LinkedIn Tactics || 

Coming from an extensive background as a Sales and Marketing Executive in the corporate landscape of north-east Italy, working with brands like Edilgreen Life, BAT, Stefanel, Continental, ICUnet, and Benetton, she discovered that the real distinction in building successful businesses resides in the landscape of marketing and sales. And that the biggest innovations really are in marketing and the changing dynamics between marketing and sales. 

Ms. Tufaru spent over 20+ years studying trends and connecting science with business, which resulted in a far deeper understanding of the concepts and impact of trends and the ability to predict where the market is going. She’s a Speaker on Hyper-Personalization Marketing, Virtual Selling, and Smart Lead Generation and the author of the books “LinkedIn Lead Machine – How To Get More Clients On LinkedIn” & “Connecting With Meaning – A Hyper-Personalized, AI-Powered Marketing Strategy For The Modern CMO”. Ramona empowers businesses to become future proof through marketing, virtual sales tactics and technology. 

Connect with Ms. Tufaru via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramona-tufaru-virtual-selling-prospecting-lead-generation/