Stay updated with the COVID- 19 Help Desk at PETERKA & PARTNERS

It is apparent that the extraordinary situation around the COVID-19 generates a number of various and quite often complex legal issues in a broad range of areas such as employment, contracts, damages, data protection, state aids etc.

PETERKA&PARTNERS is addressing this issue timely and adequately through its global COVID-19 Help desk, which is used as a centralized and efficient tool for clients to cope with all legal matters arising in these special circumstances.

All local contacts in our offices throughout the Central and Eastern Europe remain fully available for assistance and, in addition, we are offering through the COVID-19 Help desk a central point of contact on all related matters. The COVID-19 Help desk includes experts from all our offices and assistance may be provided under the law of the various jurisdictions in the CEE region where PETERKA&PARTNERS operates and we will further cover matters with cross-border implications or origin. The support is provided in all languages which are usually used in every country where PETERKA & PARTNERS is present.

We remind you that for any issues related to the Covid- 19‘ topic, you may contact our dedicated Help Desk at

We also invite you to regularly visit and read more articles prepared by our team, as well as information regarding upcoming webinars on this topic. Two of the latest materials prepared by our Romanian team, may be found below.